this saturday, october 19th . . . 



you are most cordially invited to our weimar cabaret!  

step into the glitter and doom of the "golden era" of berlin, the

1920s and early 1930s.  don your most scandalous costumes: corsets,

bowlers, monocles, top hats, fishnets, garter belts, feathers and cynicism.

berlin cabaret was wildly experimental, exotic, and avant garde . . . so any

costume you might have worn to a party in weimar berlin, should fit right it.


weimar culture was a flourishing of the arts and sciences in germany during

the weimar republic, which existed between the end of WW1 in 1918 and hitler's

rise to power in 1933.  berlin's cabaret culture was both an extension of this, and

a reaction to the rapidly rising and increasingly oppressive force of nazism. the 

cabarets were places of  artistic  expression, political protest, and of sensual

fulfillment. intermingling of different classes, religions, sexual orientations

and opposing political affiliations was common. different cabarets drew

people with varying proclivities and interests.  the most sophisticated

and glamorous, as well as the most deviant, was acceptable.

 come sip absinthe with the likes of anita

berber (dancer and high priestess of depravity),

bertolt brecht, lotte lenya, a monocled baron, performer

margo lion, a morphine-addicted artist, a german soldier, kurt

weill, actor conrad veidt, composer mischa spoliansky, marlene

dietrich, architect walter gropius, director max reinhardt,

actors louise brooks, and brigitte helm . . .

we'll be projecting german films both

downstairs and in the upstairs loft, serving

chinese noodles in our bistro area, and there will

be a fire in the garden. the roof will be open as well.

our  cigarette girl will be selling cigarettes, cigars,

chocolates, and a special german version

of madame shanghai's secret potion.  


burlesque by amber ray

aerial by anya sapozhnikova

fire performance by christine geiger

the hot sardines, playing wildly hot jazz

iggy berlin, singing the songs of berlin cabaret

performance piece by cornelius loy on the theremin

more red hot fire performance by ali luminescent

and more burlesque by cassandra rosebeetle!

this party will be the last

soiree at our beloved red lotus room.

my landlords sold the building last month,

and i’m currently looking for a new space to move in to

next month!  the ticket price is a little more for this party, since

it marks the beginning of fund-raising efforts for our new space!

thank you for your support.  i’ll hopefully have news of a

new space shortly. i promise to keep you posted!

doors will open at 10pm.

 performances begin shortly thereafter,

and continue until the very wee hours. we

have more performances than usual, to

celebrate this special party.


costume, vintage, or dressy attire is required.
casual, contemporary attire will not be admitted,

no exceptions. {absolutely no jeans, no tennis shoes, etc.

please explain the dress code to your guests to avoid

disappointment at the door}.  berlin cabaret was

wildly experimental, so any costume you

might have worn back then will

fit right in.


advance tickets are $50, and $60 at the door.

your paypal reciept/confirmation is your ticket - please

print it out and bring it with you to the party.  if you don’t

receive a receipt, you can bring your phone with you, and show

proof of purchase (credit card, bank, etc.). tickets are non-refundable.

NOTE: please read the invitation carefully, as hopefully, it will answer

all your questions. unfortunately, i won’t have as much time this

month to answer the amount of emails i normally receive.

thanks so much for understanding.


tables are now sold out.  there will

be limited additional seating, plus the outer

lounge, and upstairs loft. you’ll be too busy dancing

busy dancing to sit down much anyway!

the party is CASH ONLY and 21+

click below for address:


     this will be a special evening,

and i look forward to seeing you!   


p.s. photos from our INDIA party will be posted this week on our fb page:



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